2018-09-27 16:28:43


广州睿联电气科技有限公司是国内专业的电缆保护产品与电缆联接产品生产商,主要产品有电缆保护软管及接头,电缆防水接头和电缆套管等。   睿联电气一直专注于为顾客提供高水平的产品, 公司拥有现代化的厂房及产品研发中心,经过多年的独立研发与探索,睿联电气已发展出一系列设计独特并拥有独立专利的产品,   所有产品都被已被市场证明了其优越的价值。

睿联电气通过ISO9001:2008和IATF16949体系认证,其产品通过了CE, DB,   EN45545, RoHS, UL94, 大铁路67号文件等认证与测试。产品被广泛应用于铁路系统,   高铁, 地铁, 有轨电车,工业自动化,机器制造,汽车工业,工业机器人,船舶,航空,通讯,电梯,空调及医疗机械等行业。现睿联电气已和众多国际跨国集团建立了紧密的业务联系,并在国内外市场中享有良好的信誉。

睿联电气不仅仅一个单纯的电缆保护产品生产商,强大的工程师团队以及完善的产品配件还能为客户提供直接有效的电缆保护及连接解决方案。公司完善的设计师团队与工程师团使其始终可以提供与客户需求匹配度高的产品,   并使产品在市场中广受接纳与喜爱。同时依托公司成熟的管理政策, 睿联电气已建立起完善的质量控制体系及售后服务体系以确保客户的满意度。   



Realinkage Co., Ltd is the   professional electric product    manufacturer of flexible conduit, fitting, cable grand and braided   sleeving for cable protection and connection. Due to modernized workshop and   R&D center, Realinkage is always concentrating on supplying customers   with state-of-the-art products. After years’independent   research and exploration, Realinkage has developed series of products with   special design and unique patent. All the products have been proved to be its   great value by market.

Realinkage has got ISO9001:2008   certification and all the products have also got the certification and test   of CE, DB, EN45545. RoHS, UL94, and China Railway No. 67 test. The products   are widely applied in railway system, high-speed train, metro, tramcar,   industrial automation, machine-building industry, auto industry, industrial   robot, ship, aviation, communication industry, elevator, medical facility and   air-condition. Now Realinkage are enjoying a good reputation both home and   abroad when being in a close cooperation with global transnational companies.  

Realinkage is not only a pure   manufacturer of electric products but also a powerful engineer of electric   protection & connection solution with a full range of accessories and   spare parts. With the experienced team of designer and engineer, Realinkage   can still offer the products that match well with the customer’s requirement and can be popular in the market. Meanwhile   depending on the mature management policy of company, Realinkage has also   built up a thorough quality-control system and after-sale system to ensure   the satisfaction of customers.

      Realinkage   the expert of electric protection and connection offers you a safe escort to   high-quality life!